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Aircraft Rentals

At Executive Flight Center we have simplified aircraft renting;  no monthly dues, no application fees, no prepayment requirements,no complex discount structures for block time or "members".  Just the lowest possible hourly price on each aircraft.  All prices are wet rates including fuel and oil.



Piper Saratoga

$225 per Hobbs hour

Garmin 530/WAAS, Auto-pilot

Traffic and Weather

Great 6-seater for travel



2001 Cessna 182

$165 per Hobbs hour


G1000 N60395


Cessna 172S G1000

$145 per Hobbs hour

Garmin G1000 with Weather, Auto-pilot

Cessna N35253


Cessna 172S

$130 per Hobbs hour

Garmin 430/WAAS, Auto-pilot



Cessna 172N

$120 per Hobbs hour

Garmin 430



Piper Warrior

$125 per Hobbs hour

Garmin 430/WAAS 







Training Resources

Learn to use the Garmin 430/530 IFR GPS with the following Garmin tools:

  • Download the GNS 430/530 Users Manual
  • Download the GNS 430 Simulator
  • Download the GNS 530 Simulator
  • CFIIs, download the GNS 430/530 Training Syllabus


To reserve one of these aircraft please call 256-828-1403 or sign up under Scheduling for online access.

Office hours are 7:30am til 9:00pm. If you're planning on leaving earlier in the morning than 7:30am, please come out the night before to pick up keys and make sure fuel levels are where you want them.

Executive Flight Center
is pleased to provide online scheduling of our rental aircraft fleet and our instructors.  Please feel free to sign up and explore the capabilities.  This enables you access to the schedule 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

To get set up, please signup with your contact and email information.  As soon as you get signed up, we will activate your account and notify you by return email that you can begin scheduling. 

Please be sure to contact your instructor by phone to confirm their availability during the times you have selected.

NO-SHOWS: Please be sure to update your bookings if your plans change or your departure time is delayed. Others may be waiting to utilize the aircraft and as a courtesy to them please let us know as soon as possible when your plans change. If you are not here at the time you have reserved the plane for, you are subject to being bumped by another renter if we have not heard from you either by phone or online. Thanks for your consideration.